Attn Leaders: Make your success systematic and experience the biggest breakthrough of your network marketing career...


..Reignite Your Current Team, Launch New Teams,
& Generate Systematic Momentum 24-7-365.

Dear Network Marketer,

Do you ever feel like the weight of the world’s on your shoulders?

Your business needs you.

Your team needs you.

And your family needs you.

Which means someone (or something) always gets left out...

Perhaps you feel guilty that you can’t pour more time into everyone you enroll … you worry that you’re making empty promises to your downline … and the daily grind leaves you worn down and burnt out.

I know you’re hurting, because I’ve been there.

You didn’t get into network marketing to work 24-7-365...

To have less freedom than you did at your dayjob...

And to feel like a stranger to your family...

My friend, you can do more in less time … you can grow your business and stress less … and you can experience a breakthrough without a break down.

Let me help you do just that...

In Just a Second, I’ll Reveal How to Transform Your Business from Leader-Dependent to System-Dependent...

But First, Imagine What a System-Dependent Business Could Do For You:

  • ​You’ll finally have the time and freedom to do what you want, when you want — without worrying about your business going backwards.
  • ​You’ll help every team member crush their goals and consistently rank up right out of the gates — without doing all the heavy lifting yourself. 
  • ​And you’ll breathe a big sigh of relief knowing leaders are emerging, teams are happy and producing, and sales are skyrocketing — all while you’re doing what you want with your time.

Is that the kind of breakthrough you’ve been dreaming of?

Look, I know how it goes: You already have a ton on your plate. Too much, really.

You know systems could change the game for you, but you don’t have the time, energy, or expertise to build them from scratch.

Honestly, no leader does.

That’s why I invite you to get my Breakthrough Blueprint.

It Makes Systemizing Your Business Simple, Quick, and
Nearly-Impossible to Mess Up. 

As a matter of fact, all you have to do is 3 things:

Follow the simple plan I lay out for you.

Customize my systems for your business.

And launch them exactly how I show you.

Just like that, you’ll reignite your current team, launch new teams on-demand, and generate systematic momentum year-round.

Introducing The Network Marketing Breakthrough Blueprint:

The Shortcut to Systemizing Your Business

  • ​Discover how to create real duplication at every level of your business and build the foundation to unlock and support new levels of success.
  • Put prospecting on auto-pilot so you can grow your team and take your time back by escaping the gauntlet of 3-way calls and never ending meetings.
  • ​Get the most powerful recruiting tool in the business that turns skeptics into believers, gets prospects excited about the opportunity, and makes joining your team as enticing as possible.
  • Skyrocket your team’s sales and success, drown out drama, and ensure everyone has an amazing experience inside your groups.
  • Systemize every beginner skill so you never waste a second of your time teaching total newbies the basics.
  • ​Create clarity around the 6 key questions every newbie has so they know exactly what products to buy and what steps to take to crush their goals without any hand holding. 
  • ​Save yourself all kinds of time and headaches with a single resource that answers every common comp-related question for you.
  • Create a shareable manual that virtually guarantees duplication by outlining an easy-to-follow plan everyone at every level will use to smash goals, skyrockets sales, and jump ranks.
  • ​Get my 3-phase strategy to roll out your systems like a pro and get amazing buy-in, momentum, and excitement before (and after) you launch. 

As you can see, my passion is helping leaders like you get to the next level.

That’s why I created the Breakthrough Blueprint.

And that’s why I needed to prove it could work for anyone — no matter their rank, experience, or company.

That I didn’t just get lucky … or build something that only works for top earners in the industry.

So I shared the beta version of this program with multiple test groups at my Breakthrough Retreats.

Their feedback was amazing.

Leaders at all levels and companies saw dramatic shifts in their business... and their personal lives, too.

Here’s what a few “graduates” had to say about the Breakthrough Blueprint:

"Justin's been a mentor of mine. And I have to say just from the very beginning, my business has exponentially grown just by his mentorship and leadership. "

- Jenny Crane

"The better your system is, the more inexperienced your people can be as they come in...So my biggest takeaway was the importance of having this system."

- Tim & Sarah Cox

"The fact that he's done it, he's not just speaking from a philosophy of what might work, or this is something he's heard will be wonderful, but he's actually grilled in the field."

- Paige Riffle

I don’t share these stories to toot my own horn.

I share them to show you this can and will work for you.

So here’s my promise to you…

Get the Breakthrough Blueprint today.

Go through the program at your own pace.

Use my systems to set up your systems.

Roll them out following my simple plan.

And you will multiply your momentum, your growth, and your freedom.

Sound good?

My friend, don’t wait for your company or your upline to do this for you.

With the Breakthrough Blueprint, you can systemize your business yourself … reach the next level … and experience the biggest breakthrough of your career just a few weeks from now.

So I have to ask…

What would you pay to be a top earner in your company?

To ensure your team and your business grow without having to grind around the clock?

And to wipe away all the stress and pressure of being everything to everyone?

The truth is network marketers just like you are spending a fortune on coaching from “gurus” who haven’t been in the trenches in decades.

But you don’t have to drain your bank account to get the Breakthrough Blueprint.

During normal times, I’d charge $10,000 for this program.

That’s what retreat attendees invested for this same step-by-step program.

But these aren’t normal times… and leaders like you need this now more than ever before.

So here’s the deal: When you join today, you get the entire program for 90% off.

That means you get my Breakthrough Blueprint for just $997!

In other words, you save more than $9000 when you commit today.

But there’s a catch: You have to get it now.


Because I only want this in the hands of hard-chargers who are going to take action on what’s inside.

Leaders like you, who know when a golden opportunity is staring them in the face... and are smart enough to take advantage of it.

If You’re Ready to Experience a Life-Changing Breakthrough, Smash the Button Below and Get the Breakthrough Blueprint.

Last thing...

In case you don’t personally know me, please know that I genuinely want you to succeed.

Network marketing has been a godsend to my family and me.

And I want you to have the same amazing experience I’ve had.

That’s why I’m backing your investment with a guarantee.

Join today and you’re covered by my money-back guarantee

If the Breakthrough Blueprint doesn’t work for you, just email me within 30 days of your purchase and I’ll refund your money.

That’s how confident I am in this program.

I know you need this.

I know it’s going to take you to the next level.

And I know you’re going to experience the breakthrough you so desperately dream of… and deserve.

Opportunities like these don’t come around often.

And if you miss out now, you’ll wish you pulled the trigger when you had the chance.

So make this decision now … for you … your team … and your family.

Trust me when I say, they’ll all appreciate it.

Your biggest breakthrough is just one click away,


3 Pay

3 x $397

  • ​Build your systems.
  • ​Create duplication.
  • ​Put prospecting on auto-pilot.
  • ​Get the #1 recruiting tool.
  • ​Skyrocket sales.
  • ​Drown out drama.
  • ​Systemize beginner skills.
  • ​Automatically cover comp.
  • ​Get every newbie winning.
  • ​Create a shareable team manual.
  • ​Flawlessly roll out your systems.

Most Popular

1 x $997

  • ​Build your systems.
  • ​Create duplication.
  • ​Put prospecting on auto-pilot.
  • ​Get the #1 recruiting tool.
  • ​Skyrocket sales.
  • ​Drown out drama.
  • ​Systemize beginner skills.
  • ​Automatically cover comp.
  • ​Get every newbie winning.
  • ​Create a shareable team manual.
  • ​Flawlessly roll out your systems.

Pay In Full Bonus

A 60-Minute Team Training for Your Team, Hosted by Justin! (Value $2500)

Ps. Here are Some More Success Stories
About The Breakthrough Blueprint:

"When you can get the best of the best, that's how you can look around and know you're going to win faster. "

- Anna & Vito La Fata

"I just love the fact that what he gives you, you can actually plug in and use it. And it works."

- Jan Paxman

"The most genuine, authentic leader that could be teaching this. He is all in on the do, not just the talk."

- Dan McCormick



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